Membership Information

Becoming a Member
Membership with our chapters is open to anyone with an interest in meteorology who pays membership dues. We have members from all sectors of the field of atmospheric science, including amateur weather enthusiasts and college professors alike. We also have TV meteorologists, National Weather Service meteorologists, storm chasers, physical scientists, and students. All are welcome!

Annual membership fees are as follows:

Regular Membership $20
Student Membership $10

These dues include membership to both the local AMS chapter and the local NWA chapter; however, they do not include membership to the national AMS or national NWA. Local chapter members are not required to become members of the national AMS or NWA. You may pay your dues with cash or a check made out to David Cox at one of our chapter meetings.

Current Members
To see a list of our current officers, check out our Officers page. Additional active members (dues paid) are listed below. Membership expiration date in parenthesis.

Ja’Nia Dunbar (1/25/19) Chad Entremont (2/18/19) Benny Holden (1/25/19)
Allen Lieberman (9/25/19) Dr. Remata Reddy (9/13/20)