January 23, 1997 Meeting

The meeting was held at WAPT-TV in Jackson. David Hartman and Barbie Bassett, both TV meteorologists at WAPT, were the guest speakers.

Meeting Minutes

David Hartman and Barbie Bassett, television meteorologists with NEXRAD 16 Weather at WAPT-TV, were the hosts for the 23 January 1997 meeting. WAPT-TV is the ABC affiliate in Jackson. Fifteen people, including a number of meteorology students from Jackson State University, attended.

After a short business meeting, David Hartman explained to the group how he puts together his three daily weather shows, the importance of ratings and television research, and how nowcasting and being more specific in his forecasts have increased service to the viewing public. He also showed how the weather graphics are created and how special effects can add to the presentation. Hartman then showed several videotapes of promos for WAPT, including one that uses the base velocity product from the Jackson WSR-88D.

Bassett, who is responsible for the early morning broadcast on WAPT, then told how she approaches her shows. Since her shows are in the morning and last longer, they are geared more for the students and mothers in the viewing audience who need forecasts for the upcoming day.

Minutes submitted by Rusty Pfost.

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