September 28, 2010 Meeting

The meeting was held at the National Weather Service Office in Jackson. This was the first meeting of the 2010/2011 year. The chapter’s name was changed from “Jackson Chapter…” to “Central Mississippi Chapter…”, new officers were selected, and ideas for future meetings were discussed.

Meeting Minutes

The first NWA/AMS meeting of the 2010-2011 year was opened by Chapter president, Eric Carpenter. A number of business matters were discussed including the election of officers. Eric Carpenter is stepping down from the President position. Vincent Webb has been chosen to replace Eric. Vincent is a senior at Brandon High School (BHS), is enthusiastic with a number of ideas to help the Chapter. These ideas include: updates to the website, photo glossary, Paypal method to pay dues, creation of a Facebook site with meeting information and advertisement of events, and a desire to have regular monthly meetings.

Eric proposed changing the name of the group from Jackson to encompassing more of Central Mississippi. This was agreed upon by the members and the name was changed to the Central Mississippi Chapter of the NWA/AMS.

Joanne Culin is taking over treasurer responsibilities from Brad Bryant. She will be responsible for bank account information and will be looking into this over the coming weeks.

Ethan Huston volunteered to take over the role of NWA Vice President

2010/2011 Officers:

  • NWA President: Vincent Webb
  • AMS President: Dr. Loren White
  • AMS Vice President: Barbie Bassett
  • NWA Vice President: Ethan Huston
  • Corresponding Secretary for AMS: Alan Gerard
  • Corresponding Secretary for NWA: Eric Carpenter
  • Treasurer: Joanne Culin
  • Recording Secretary: Ariel Cohen

JSU is having their 35th anniversary for the meteorology program, and Latrice Maxie discussed this. The date will be Thursday October 14th, and will include a luncheon from 11am-1pm. There will also be a training workshop on campus. Anyone interested is welcome to come for the training and lunch, please let Latrice know. There will also be a scholarship banquet on Friday October 15th. If anyone is going they will need to RSVP.

Ashton Cook Robinson will be attending the workshop and we are planning to ask him if he would be willing to give a presentation at the next meeting. We would also like to go to a restaurant of Ashton’s choosing. These activities will occur on October 14th–in two weeks.

Per Loren White, the last week in Feb./first week of March, the Doppler on Wheels from Boulder will be here. There was a discussion about them coming to talk to our local chapter in the last week in Feb. Another location to meet would be a TV station for future meetings. Ethan Huston said this would be possible. Another idea for the November meeting would be to have a member of the NWS staff give a presentation.

Vincent Webb showed us a video of pictures of his time at the Howard University weather camp in Washington D.C. He then showed video of his storm chase during the April 24th tornado. Meeting adjourned at 8:04pm. Next meeting Oct. 14th and will be announced shortly via e-mail.

Minutes submitted by Ariel Cohen, Recording Secretary.

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