November 23, 2010 Meeting

The meeting was held at WAPT-TV in Jackson. Our guest speakers were Ethan Huston, WAPT Meteorologist and local NWA chapter Vice-President, and David Hartman, WAPT Chief Meteorologist.

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order
The third NWA/AMS meeting was opened by NWA President, Mr. Vincent Webb, in Dr. Loren White’s absence  at 7:13 p.m.   The meeting was held at WAPT TV Station, 7616 Channel 16 Way, in Jackson, Mississippi.

Recording Secretary Ms. Nancy Lopez took attendance, and the sign-in sheet confirmed seven attendees, three of which were station hosts or guests.  There were higher absentees, partly due to holiday and scheduling conflicts.  Prior to the meeting, an e-mail poll recommended trying a scheduling program.

Minutes Approval
Mr. Webb briefly discussed his progress on the Chapter website before inquiring on minutes from the October 14 meeting, and any new business.

New Business
Ms. Lopez gave an update on the financial report in the absence of Treasurer, Ms. Joanne Culin.  Ms. Culin provided an e-mail that funds of $180 had been collected, and she had visited Bank Plus to open a checking account.  However, an EIN or tax number is needed to open an official business account.  One member thought the report number was 503C, and another suggested checking the East MS Central Chapter bylaws.  Ms. Culin reported sifting through websites such as IRS to find online help, and off the record, the AMS bylaws link with Chapter info is:

Ms. Lopez announced acceptance of participation for the AMS Chapter poster presentation in January 2011. She requested photos or written forecasts or materials on particular events to include in the poster.  However, the deadline is short, and the abstract was submitted with a final due date of Monday, November 29.

The meeting was then turned over to Mr. Ethan Huston, morning meteorologist at WAPT TV and current NWA Chapter VP.  Mr. Huston informed the group that he actually missed the October Chapter Meeting because he was being honored by his starting station, WOUB TV in Athens, Ohio.  The station is a PBS affiliate in Ohio.  The Broadcasting Alumni honored him for being the first person as a Broadcast Meteorologist originating at their station.  Ms. Huston provided a slide slow of his visit and the station background, and his volunteer availability of visiting schools.

Next, Mr. David Hartman, long-standing and well-renowned Chief Meteorologist at WAPT TV, took the group on a station tour starting in the Weather Center studio.  Mr. Hartman spoke of the station’s affiliation with Hearst, and pointed out logistics of airing their weathercasts and operating the computer equipment.  He highly detailed the different radar capabilities.  The Center has multiple radar capabilities, from older Fast Track versions, to state-of-the-art VIPIR radar storm shield and Baron-produced products.  The different products can show anything from warning rings to indicate storm rotation, and the GR Analyst which can display cross sections of storms.  He showed a cross section of the Yazoo City storm, and the sudden storm that occurred yesterday, before pointing out where the NWS reports and crawls come in.  While the new technology is improved and helpful, he explained the demands that can occur during severe weather between all the forms of communication available and trying to answer them.  Mr. Huston then walked the group through the audio and Master Control booth before meeting some news staff, and returning to the main starting point of the meeting.

The meeting concluded at approximately 8:00 p.m. with pizza and soft drinks for those with an appetite.  The next meeting date is not yet scheduled but was discussed most likely to be after the New Year.

Minutes submitted by Nancy Lopez, Recording Secretary.

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