June 26, 2012 Meeting

The final meeting of the 2011/2012 year was held at the Russell C. Davis Planetarium in Jackson, where there was a private showing of the movie New Horizons.

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order
The June NWA/AMS Chapter meeting of 2012 was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Corresponding Secretary Mr. Eric Carpenter. The Chapter meeting was held at the Russell C. Davis Planetarium, 201 E. Pascagoula St. in Jackson, MS 39201.

Rolls & Old Business
Recording Secretary Ms. Nancy Lopez took attendance, and the sign-in sheet confirmed 25 attendees but a head count totaled 35 guests. There may have been a few new guests not signed in. Also invited to the meeting were the JSU-sponsored (Jackson State University) weather campers, as well as friends and family members. Weather campers hailed from California, Georgia, Texas, and Indiana to name a few states across the U.S. that visit the University for a five-day workshop that was scheduled this week.

Minutes Approval and New Business
Treasurer Ms. Joanne Culin gave an update on the financial report for 2011-12. The balance was $188 and $125 of the funds will be used towards the cost of reserving the theater. The group reservation cost $250 to rent the theater for two hours. Guests contributed $4 to cover remaining costs, and it was estimated 35 guests were available to pay by head count. She reminded the group on $20 dues for regular membership and $10 for student Chapter membership and that cash or check is acceptable. She collected dues at the meeting and even some dues for next year’s fund.

Condolences and prayers were extended to Dr. L. White’s family on the passing of his daughter. After a recap on the last Chapter meeting, the group watched a private showing of the New Horizons movie. This movie was an introduction of a spacecraft to help study Pluto and stamp out the mythology behind the planet. Viewers were able to view the night sky and constellations as if launched into it. Studying Pluto is key to understanding life on the planet because of the water component. This viewing was the first movie for one child, who was only three-years old! Everyone clapped to that occasion and to the movie.

Afterwards, a Happy Birthday wish was extended to the Chapter’s media/webmaster Mr. Daniel Lamb. This is the last Chapter meeting of the 2011-12 year, with the next opening meeting being planned for September 2012. Ideas and topics are welcome to Mr. Carpenter, with one possible member talk lined up.

The meeting concluded at approximately 7:48 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Nancy Lopez, Recording Secretary.

June 2012 Meeting

Corresponding Secretary Eric Carpenter introduces the IMAX movie “New Horizons” at the Russell C. Davis Planetarium.

For pictures from this meeting, click here.

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