December 17, 2015 Meeting

The second meeting of the 2015-2016 year took place at the National Weather Service office. During the meeting, NWA president Eric Carpenter led a discussion.

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order
The second meeting of the 2015-2016 year took place on Thursday December 17th at the National Weather Service office in Jackson. The meeting was called to order at 7:17 pm by President Eric Carpenter.

Recording Secretary Joanne Culin made a list of those in attendance. Seven people attended.

Minutes Approval
Minutes from the October meeting were summarized by Recording Secretary Joanne Culin.

New Business
The business session began with a treasury report. President Eric Carpenter gave the treasury balance in the absence of Treasurer David Cox. The treasury sits at $180. No new dues were collected. Regular dues remain $20, and student membership dues are $10.

More discussion on potential meeting venues and ideas were discussed. President Eric Carpenter had sent an email to the officers, suggesting that each officer organize a meeting so as to spread the duties around and so that it was not as NWS focused. He discussed this idea further at the meeting. Benny Holden discussed his efforts of visiting WAPT and potentially setting up a meeting via the news director. He will also contact the Corps of Engineers Waterway Experiment Station about a possible meeting/speaker. Both Joanne Culin and Loren White mentioned visiting the Air National Guard Base and Joanne can use her contact there to possibly coordinate a meeting. Daniel Lamb mentioned visiting MDOT.

Eric then began the meeting topic, which was a discussion of recent and upcoming weather events. He discussed some of the failure modes for our recent severe weather events that didn’t pan out, which included the persistent ridge in the eastern part of the United States. Eric also showed members the CFS webpage and there looked to be good indications of severe weather around Christmas for the southeast. General meteorology was discussed in terms of how wet the pattern has been this year.

Daniel brought up the project of installing a lightning sensor. He had approval from NWS Jackson management, but the company that would install it cannot do that on government property, so it was mentioned that JSU maybe would like it. Loren mentioned that JSU will be getting a ceilometer to help study the boundary layer. Daniel also gave an update on the ULM radar, which is almost complete. Eric showed the new MDOT road sensors via their website.

Several members brought socks for the Sock it to Grace Place sock drive. Additional socks can be donated.

The meeting concluded at approximately 8:32 pm, and it was adjourned.

Minutes were submitted by Joanne Culin, Recording Secretary.

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