October 1962 Branch Organization Meeting

The organizational meeting of the Central Mississippi Branch of the American Meteorological Society took place in October 1962 at the U.S. Weather Bureau office in Jackson.

D.B. Munro, Meteorologist in Charge of the Jackson Weather Bureau, was chosen as temporary chairman. Alex J. Kish was named temporary secretary. Officers will be elected and a constitution adopted at the next meeting on November 8th at 7 PM.

In attendance at the meeting were Mr. Munro, Mr. Kish, Quimby M. Middleton, William T. Keating, Edwin Little, and John H. Lentz of the Jackson Weather Bureau, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Roshore and Ernest E. McCoy of the U.S. Engineers, and Bob Neblett and Wilda Farber of WJTV.

Account from The Clarion Ledger, October 22, 1962.

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