October 9, 2000 Meeting

The meeting was held at WAPT-TV in Jackson. The guest speakers were David Hartman and Ken Johnson, meteorologists at WAPT.

Meeting Minutes

The first meeting of the 2000-01 chapter year was held at WAPT-TV in Jackson on 9 October 2000. The meeting was opened by Chapter Vice President Barbie Bassett with 15 people in attendance. A brief business session took place and a request was made by Chapter Treasurer Dave Biggar for annual dues. Following the business session, David Hartman discussed the capabilities of his station’s new Doppler radar.

Those in attendance were divided into two groups and led on a tour of the WAPT weather station. Ken Johnson led the tour of the weather center room where the radar image display console was located. Johnson discussed the algorithmic capabilities of the radar imagery software and demonstrated actual algorithm output through archived radar data. Hartman brought the tour groups to the actual radar site and presented the radar hardware and specifications.

Hartman then concluded the tour by demonstrating his methods of weather analysis and forecasting and by showing the capabilities of WAPT’s weather computer work stations. He also answered any questions concerning the new radar and WAPT’s weather center. The meeting was then adjourned by Bassett.

Minutes submitted by Eric Carpenter.

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