January 30, 2001 Meeting

The meeting was held at the National Weather Service Office in Jackson. The speakers for this meeting were Chapter President Alan Gerard and Paul Croft of Jackson State University.

Meeting Minutes

The second meeting of the chapter year was held at the NWS in Jackson on 30 January 2001. The meeting was opened by Chapter President Alan Gerard. A brief business session followed, and Biggar made a request for annual dues.

Gerard and Paul Croft of Jackson State University then presented “The Record Meso-Snowfall Event of 1997 in Jackson, Mississippi,” which they coauthored. Their presentation dealt with the unforecasted heavy snow – up to eight inches – that fell over much of central Mississippi on 14 December 1997. They noted short-range models were deficient in picking up the surprise snowfall, but subtle features were shown to be precursors to a significant mesoscale event. Both Croft and Gerard have presented this informative presentation at numerous workshops and conferences, with emphasis being placed on the importance of upper air analysis, satellite imagery interpretation, and mesoscale modeling. More information from this presentation can be found at the NWS Jackson Web site: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/jan.

A brief question-and-answer session followed the presentation. Plans concerning the next meeting were briefly discussed before the meeting was adjourned by Gerard.

Minutes submitted by Eric Carpenter.

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